Beyond DistortionBeyond DistortionBeyond DistortionBeyond DistortionBeyond DistortionHolding It All TogetherHolding it All Together (detail)Benign But ObtrusiveBenign But ObtrusiveBenign But ObtrusiveRepeated PatternsRepeated Patterns (alternate view)Vacant SpacesVacant Spaces (detail)Blurred and FadingBlurred and Fading (alternate view)Blurred and Fading (detail)Blurred and Fading (detail)The Space BetweenThe Space BetweenThe Space BetweenReflections Shown ThroughReflections Shown Through (detail)Reflections Shown Through (detail)Dissolving ConnectionsDissolving Connections (detail)Dissolving Connections (detail)BenignForced to AdjustForced to Adjust

Through subtle shifts in space, I create environments that ask the viewer to peel back layers of information to reveal the inner struggle of the individual. Exploring what happens when our mind begins to fail us. Reaching a point when no longer we can control what we know or who we recognize. I share personal experiences in an attempt to depict a fear that plagues the human condition; illness.

By isolating a moment, my work embraces the struggle of experience. The forms I construct explore the loss of the familiar and the everyday with snapshots of my family's past; ordinary instances that embody a lifetime. The figures in my work are frozen in time, referencing the strain we endure with the duality of seeing: seeing what is there and seeing what is missing or has changed. The connection shared biologically amongst family members forces us to face the fear illness becoming a pattern rather than a coincidence.